Our speakers infuse assemblies with learning and wonder. If you’re interested in giving a talk, check out these guidelines, and sign up below:

  • Is 15 minutes on a topic in which you’re an expert
  • Is the spot in the program where we “wonder more”
  • Teaches the assembly something factual and new in an engaging way
  • Is practical, scientific, historical, or otherwise informative
  • Should be positive or neutral and family-friendly
  • Cannot promote a product, business or political candidate
  • Should not be about atheism or religion (we’re all pretty much on the same page there already)
  • Visual aids, like a slide show, are encouraged (submit at least 5 days before assembly)
  • Please be prepared to submit an outline, transcript or video before acceptance

The TED talk guidelines are an excellent reference for this.

Please also use the TED talk guidelines on maintaining scientific credibility when building a talk for Sunday Assembly: Detroit.

If you’re open to giving a lecture, or if you know of a good candidate that you’d like us to reach out to, please contact us right away.