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Aug 2020
Knowledge Sharing Session: Mysterious Creatures

~~This Month’s Topic~~ This month we will be talking about mysterious creatures. While we know much more about the animals around us than we did even 50 years ago, there are still things that baffle scientists to this day. CJ will elaborate on some of these animal mysteries and the theories surrounding them, along with some recent developments in......

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Let's Build Bat Houses!
August 23, 2020

Let’s Build Bat Houses!

The Help Often Committee is Sunday Assembly’s group which plans the monthly volunteering for it’s members. Everyone is welcome. We are building bat houses! Join us to assemble bat houses and take one home with...

February 06, 2019

The Wonder Amplifier

We are assemblages of ancient atoms forged in stars – atoms organized by history to the point of consciousness, now able to contemplate this sacred Universe of which we are a tiny, but wondrous, part.

New assembly date, location, and topic announced for October
October 17, 2018

New assembly date, location, and topic announced for October

The Creepy, yet really cool, Story of retroviruses.. What are retroviruses? Find out, along with their role in transporting DNA between dogs and humans, as well as the stunning discovery of what retroviruses say about...