New assembly date, location, and topic announced for October

The Creepy, yet really cool, Story of retroviruses..

What are retroviruses? Find out, along with their role in transporting DNA between dogs and humans, as well as the stunning discovery of what retroviruses say about your family tree. Our guest speaker is Dr. Jon Cleland Host. Jon has been bringing cross-disciplinary science to a wide range of students for over three decades, teaching biology, math, chemistry, physics and general science at the college level, and evolutionary biology at the high school level, as well as numerous science outreach activities. He earned his undergraduate degree at Michigan Technological University and his Ph. D. at Northwestern University (both in Materials Science).

Having presented on diverse science topics at domestic and international conferences, Jon also holds 10 patents and a dozen papers in peer-reviewed journals, including the journal Nature.

See ya Sunday, October 28th! Be ready for an unusual 1:30 PM start, following by lunch at Exferimentation Brewing Co. This is a free event, we only ask that you contribute a small donation to help with expenses if you can.

The Human State returns to share their delightful musical talent.

Sunday Assembly Detroit is a secular congregation that meets to hear great talks, sing songs and generally celebrate the wonder of life. It’s a service for anyone who wants to Live Better, Help Often, and Wonder More.

Families with children are encouraged to attend! There are special activities just for the kids.

Our organization is completely volunteer driven, and your support means our success. Please consider donating or helping coordinate the assemblies and other events. Reach us at, or call 586.745.1165 and we’ll be happy to accept any help you can offer.


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