We can reach more people, and help NPR at the same time!

Spreading the word about Sunday Assembly, while helping NPR

How?  Let me explain-

We have an opportunity to help others find out about us.  There are literally thousands of people in our area who are celebrating life and working to make this world a better place for everyone.  Thousands of people who are ready to Live better, help often, and wonder more.  Many of these people, just like many of us, listen to NPR.

Many of us here also donate to NPR.  By simply sending in that same donation as a group (no additional donating needed), under the Sunday Assembly Detroit name, we get mentioned on NPR as a donor, including our web and Facebook presence.  This could let thousands of people know about us.  It’s nice to imagine that by doing this, and giving no more money than I already plan on giving to NPR, we can help so many people find a community that will help improve their lives.

Matching Donations

The work of organizing and planning assemblies and other activities within Sunday Assembly requires a great deal of dedication and cooperation.  How newly elected board members have not only committed themselves to making Sunday Assembly Detroit the best it can be, they’re putting their money into at as well, offering donation matching for the first $200 provided by you, our members.  When you donate $40, Jon Cleland Host will match that number and donate $40 himself.  Your contribution is effectively doubled.

So what do you think?  Would you be willing to help?  We simply need to send in all our donations as a group, by sending the donation here, and we’ll send them in.

You can pay online or by check by completing the donation form below, or by choosing “Offline Donation” for additional instructions.

NPR Bundle

$180 of $800 raised
Personal Info

Donation Total: $20

If several of our members help, we can do this.  We need to get it in by October 28, so please send it today so you don’t forget.  Thanks!

Sunday Assembly Detroit is a 501(c)3 organization and your contributions are tax deductible.


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