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Our friends at The Birmingham Temple, the secular humanist organization in whose building we have held our assembly each month since 2014, have “adopted” a Syrian family, which is in desperate need of help after losing all government assistance.  Please consider a gift to the Team Qaddo Family Fund, large or small… Every little bit helps!

The Qaddo Family Story

In July 2016, Iman Qaddo, her husband, and their four children landed in Detroit as refugees from Aleppo, a major battleground in the Syrian civil war. The family was beginning to get on its feet when the U.S. government charged Iman’s husband with misrepresenting some information on the family’s application for political refugee status. He was given the choice of facing perjury charges and possible jail time in the U.S. or agreeing to be deported. In May 2017, he was deported to Turkey where he has been held in detention, not wanting to return to Syria where he fears government reprisal.. [more]

Follow the link for the rest on the family and how you can help.


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