Vigil for Refugees

The Birmingham Temple Congregation for Humanistic Judaism will be hosting a vigil for refugees this Friday evening. There will be readings, music, short talks, refreshments, conversations and more.  Members from the Sunday Assembly Detroit community will be in attendance as well.
All are invited to join with people from diverse communities to honor refugees past and present and to get to know our neighbors by gathering together, and listening to each other’s stories.

In 1939, the S.S. ST. Louis with 937 Jewish refugees on board was turned away from the United States and sent back to Europe; 254 of those people died in the Holocaust. With this program, we will remember them, and all previous refugees who found no welcoming land and honor those, from wherever they may come, who need refuge today. Our country’s gates are once again closing. We stand and struggle against this. We say “NEVER AGAIN” for anyone. Come join us to hear the stories; to be informed, inspired, resolved.
Visit the Birmingham Temple Facebook page event for more details.

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